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AI Powered Real-time cash flow analysis

Finance for Trucking Companies

Replace your manual work with AI powered tool and manage your trucking expenses modern way!

Reserve at least $10K in Savings

A better way to manage trucking finances.

FinTruck makes it easy to:

Track and categorize revenue and costs.

Review profit & loss and balance sheet.

Build a financial plan to hit Profit Targets.

Overview in a dashboard

See your breakeven in a visual way

Forecast and analyze in a nutshell


Connect to the systems you need

Eliminate integration headaches and manual data entry to streamline access to the information you need

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Save time with a Copilot CFO to automate finances.

A one-stop shop that delivers your finance goals across all platforms in trucking



Business Intelligence at your fingertips with customizable dashboard

Breakeven Analysis

Analyze your weekly breakeven and make proper decisions



Forecast financial health of the company

Management Reports

Trucking Ready Management reports, scheduled and shared 

Spend Managment.png

Spend Management

Cash shortage, bills, expenses in one place



Multiple Trucking Software Vendor integrations

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CFO as a Service

Get access to our exclusive Finance Experts

Get this ☝️in under 30 minutes starting $200/mo


Fintruck uses third-party data service providers, like Plaid, in order to connect you to your financial institutions with bank-grade security.


Our servers will never see or store ANY financial account credentials. We maintain a read-only access to your data and we fetch it on demand. We do not have the ability to move funds of any kind and we never access information without your permission.


The combination of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) help keep your personal information safe.


Unlike others, we also never sell your data. We are funded solely off of your subscriptions and support :).

TLDR; Our first priority is security and privacy. We never see or store ANY account credentials. We also do not store or sell your personal financial data. Lastly, we maintain a read-only access to any info.

Fintruck is a safe and secure place for people to track, build, and share their financial insights.

You can learn more about our security practices here or reach out to

We’re helping our customers level up their finances.

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After years of struggling in Excel and messy spreadsheets as a Fractional CFO of trucking companies, I decided to build a financial automation model in Fintruck and turns out this solved my manual work better than I expected! I even saved $15k from catching an overpayment of insurance and expenses with Fintruck's model.

Shohruh Rahmanov​ & CEO 

Ready to get started? Replace spreadsheets and get transparent financial projections with FinTruck

  • Does fintruck store my banking credentials?
    Fintruck uses third-party financial account aggregator services - like Plaid - to connect to your bank and brokerage accounts. Your banking credentials are directly sent to the respective service from your browser. Fintruck servers will never see your credentials. Plaid provides a read-only interface; therefore Fintruck cannot make any transactions on your behalf.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Of course!! Our aim is to provide as much value and flexibility to your financial life as possible. If you are ever unhappy please let us know how we can improve.
  • Does Fintruck sell my data?
    We never sell your data. We are funded by your subscription. So we're in it together - thank you for all your support!
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