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Whole package analysis of your financials

Get the insights from the analysis right in front of you

Brekevn analysis.png

Truck Business Analysis done in seconds

Customize your KPI analysis, target vs. results to suit your company's needs. Analyze financial and non-financial data and see the bigger picture.

KPI dashboard

Analysis per driver, per dispatcher, per truck, per week


Breakeven Analysis

Trends and Charts of individual expenses

Operations analysis and financial pulse check

Fully customizable Analysis

Fintruck analysitcs is a premium product on par with best in class business intelligence tools.

Customized KPI Layout

You can resize and drag drop your charts and your KPIs to rearrenge the layout.

Custom layout.png

Chart any Data

You can trend analyze any elements loads, financials and bank information


Cash flow Analysis

Add Financial Model inputs directly on the Cash flow to see how small changes can have wide ranging impact on long term goals.

Cash Flow.png

Built for Financial Data

Fintruck charts are purpose-built for financial data for trucking. It just takes one click to build complex charts such as forecasts vs actuals and scenario comparisons.

Forecasts vs Actuals

Understand forecasts vs actuals

at a glance.



Visually summarize multiple scenarios

in one elegant chart.

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